The Mission

The mission of the Ontario College Council of CIO’s is to enhance its members’ ability to strategically and effectively lead information technology support for Ontario colleges. It is a member run organization that provides a forum for information technology use for common institutions. This council operates on behalf of the membership based funding from each member fees and other supplemental revenues.


In order to accomplish this mission, the OCCCIO has the following mandate:


  • Investigate and oversee the implementation of integrated or shared studies, facilities, programs and services
  • Plan, coordinate and sustain IT collaboration across Ontario Colleges
  • Develop partnership and sponsorship programs for the benefit of member organizations
  • Plan and enable peer networking at all levels and across all skill sets of IT organizations
  • Plan and support conferences emphasizing collaboration

Encourage and Support Best Practices

  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas, best practices and technologies
    Provide a forum for the ongoing exchange of information, knowledge and experience in a direct and cooperative manner amongst all participating institutions

Professional Development

  • Facilitate staff technical development
  • Facilitate staff professional development


  • Present Ontario College IT issues in external relations to governments, peer organizations, and other related platforms


  • Plan and coordinate semi-annual meetings
  • Manage the business affairs of the association (e.g. finances, secretariat)
  • Document, communicate and track projects, proposals and action items of the membership
  • Maintain association communication vehicles to facilitate communications within the membership and to external groups


The OCCCIO is made up of CIO’s and all IT management of a member college. All CIO’s (or the person in the most senior IT position) are part of the CIO Members Committee.

The Executive Committee positions are as follows: Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, Conference Chair, Treasurer, and Advocacy and Awards Chair.

These positions are elected positions based on nominations and voted by the members. Each member College is allowed one vote. Terms of office are two years but are renewable based on a membership vote. Terms of office are to be set to coincide with approximately half of the positions being replaced each year.


The CIO meetings occur two times per year, approximately in October and May. An annual conference is held every year at a host college. Each member institution will have the opportunity of sending any number of IT management delegates to each meeting. Meetings will be arranged to provide standing committees and special interest groups the opportunity to meet separately and to report to the Council.